Conference Schedule

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Pre-Symposium Technical Workshop
Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation of Wood for Cultural Uses

Additional Registration Required

8:30 AM

Coffee and Pre-Symposium Registration

9:00 AM


Alexis Achim, Renewable Materials Research Centre, Canada


Nondestructive Evaluation of Historic Artifacts and Structures

Robert Ross, USDA, Forest Service, USDA

10:00 AM

Coffee Break

Basket Exhibition

Black Ash - A Culturally Important Species

Laurence Boudreault, Renewable Materials Research Centre, Canada

12:00 PM


1:30 PM

Dating Historic Buildings

Martin Simard, Centre for Northern Studies, Canada

2:00 PM

Visit Gene-H._Kruger Building

Benoiy St Pierre // Alexandre Morin-Bernard, Renewable Materials Research Centre, Canada

3:00 PM

Visit University Laval TELUS Stadium

Simon T. Bellavance, Cecobois and Vadim Siegel, Architecture ABCP, Canada

5:00 PM

Conference Welcome Reception

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

8:00 AM

Registration Opens

8:30 AM

Opening Ceremony

Alexis Achim, Renewable Materials Research Centre, Université Laval, Canada

Robert Beauregard, Executive Vice Rector of Academic and Student Affairs, Université of Laval, Canada

Mohammad-Sadegh Mazloomi, FPInnovations, Canada

9:00 AM

General Session

Moderator: Bruce Allison, USA

In-Forest Wood Quality Assessments - Where We Are With NDT Technologies?

Xiping Wang & Robert J. Ross, USA

Industrial CT Scanning in Wood Research

Jose Couceiro, Lars Hansson, Dick Sandberg & Enrico Ursella, Sweden

Questions and Comments

10:00 AM

Coffee and Tea Break

10:30 AM

Technical Session #1: Nondestructive Characterization of Wood and Wood-Based Materials (Part A)

Moderators: Laszlo Bejo (Hungary) and Udo H. Sauter (Germany)

  • Effects of Microwave Radar Sensor Distance and Material Thickness on Density and Moisture Content Determination, Laszlo Bejo*, Mihaly Jakocs & Ahmed Altaher Omer, Hungary

  • Comparison between Static Modulus of Elasticity and NonDestructive Testing Moduli of Elasticity in White Spruce and Lodgepole Pine Wood, Cyriac Mvolo*, James D. Stewart & Ahmed Koubaa, Canada

  • Evaluation of Elastic Constants of Oil Palm Wood Using Ultrasonic Measurement, Katja Fruehwald-Koenig*, Benedikt Faust, Germany

  • Estimation of the moisture content in wood by combination of Neutron and X-ray imaging, José Couceiro*, Lars Hansson, Dick Sandberg, David Mannes & Peter Niemz, Sweden

  • Nondestructive Model for Predicting the Mechanical Properties of Wood in Southwest, Nigeria, Lawrence Aguda*, Misirat Bakare & Ige Oluwagbemiga, Nigeria

  • Comparative Estimation of Acoustic Velocity and Strength Properties of Down Pine Trees Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy, Munkaila Musah*, Javier Hernandez Diaz, Dana Mitchell, Mathew Smidt, Yucheng Peng, Tom Gallagher, Maria S. Peresin & Brian Via, USA

12:00 PM


1:30 PM

Technical Session #1: Nondestructive Characterization of Wood and Wood-Based Materials (Part B)

  • Nondestructive Determination of the Within-Ring Wood Dynamic Modulus of Elasticity for Black Spruce and Jack Pine, Wassim Kharrat*, Ahmed Koubaa, Mohamed Khlif & Chedly Bradai, Canada

1:45 PM

Technical Session #4: NDE of Sawn Logs of Optimal Utilization

Moderator: Ahmed Koubaa (Canada)

  • Small-Diameter Logs from Oak for Structural Purposes – Determination of Mechanical Properties by NonDestructive and Destructive Testing, Nicolas Hofmann, Franka Brüchert*, Udo H. Sauter, Kay-Uwe Schober & Beate Hörnel-Metzger, Germany

  • Distribution of Wetwood in Silver Fir (Abies alba MILL.) – A Prerequisite for Nondestructive Testing Mechanical Characterisation of Logs, Franka Brüchert*, Guénaël Klotzbücher, Martin Huber & Udo H. Sauter, Germany

  • Using X-Ray Computed Tomography (CT) Scanning to Optimize Log Primary Breakdown in Plantation-Grown White Spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss), Isabelle Duchesne*, Queju Tong & Patrick Lenz, Canada

  • Nondestructive Testing of Timber Prior to Sawing Using Finite Element Models Based on X-Ray Computed Tomography Data - A Preliminary Study, Johannes A. J. Huber*, Olof Broman, Johan Oja, Lars Hansson & Mats Ekevad, Sweden

  • Evaluation of Sawmill Log Scanners with Comparison to Forest Harvester Measurements, Kari Hyll* & Maria Nordström, Sweden

3:00 PM

Coffee and Tea Break

3:15 PM

Poster Session

Moderator: Alexis Achim (Canada)

  • Approved Method for Efficient Inspection and Documentation of Not Only Historic Timber Structures based on Results Obtained in Hundreds of Successful Projects Since 1988, Frank Rinn*, Germany

  • Urban Green Spaces and How They Affect Woody Species Diversity and Biomass Carbon Stock in Hawassa, Ethiopia, Abel Woldeyohanis*, Mesele Negash, Yoseph Melka, Ethiopia

3:45 PM

Technical Session #6: Condition Assessment of Historic Wood Artifacts & Structures

Moderator: Isabelle Duschene (Canada)

  • Mechanical Performance and NonDestructive Test with Demolished Timber Collected from a Wood Building Several Hundred Years Old, Erina Kojima*, Hideo Kato, Yasutaka Watanabe, Ken Yamamoto & Ichirou Saitou, Japan

  • Using Dielectric Orthotropy as an Indicator of Internal Decay of Wood Members, C. Adam Senalik*, James P. Wacker, Benjamin Farber & Xiping Wang, USA

Thursday, May 26, 2022

8:00 AM

Registration Opens

8:30 AM

Technical Session #2: In-Forest Wood Quality Assessment (Part A)

Moderators: Xiping Wang (USA) and Franka Brüchert (Germany)

  • Using Time-of-Flight Acoustic Velocity to Assess the Modulus of Elasticity and bending Strength Properties of White Spruce from Tree Improvement Experiments, Iman Rashidi-Jouybari*, Alexis Achim, Patrick Lenz, Jean Beaulieu & Jean Bousquet, Canada

  • Nondestructive Characterization of Sugar Maple Wood Decay and Modulus of Elasticity by Acoustic Tomography, Achraf Ammar, Ahmed Koubaa*, Dorra Gassara, Yves Bergeron, Pierre Grondin & David Voyer, Canada

  • Effect of Partial Harvesting on Growth, Density and Dynamic Modulus of Elasticity of White Spruce in a Mixed Boreal Forest, Md Nazrul Islam, Ahmed Koubaa*, Brian Harvey & Suzanne Brais, Canada

  • Effect of Silvicultural Practices on on Basic Wood Density of Sugar Maple in Lake States Region, Chinmoyee Das, Peng Quan, Xinfeng Xie*, Yvette Dickinson, Xiping Wang, Robert J. Ross & Christel C. Kern, USA

  • Differentiation of Eucalyptus Clone Seedlings by NonDestructive Tests and Machine Learning Methods, Rafael Gustavo Mansini Lorensani*, Cinthya Bertoldo Pedroso, Raquel Gonçalves & Isabela Constantino de Toledo, Brazil

  • Distinction of Eucalyptus Planting Areas Through Data Mining, Carolina Kravetz*, Cinthya Bertoldo, Rafael Mansini Lorensani & Fernanda Trisltz Perassolo Guedes, Brazil 

10:00 AM

Coffee and Tea Break

10:30 AM

Technical Session #2: In-Forest Wood Quality Assessment (Part B)

  • Dynamic Modulus of Elasticity in Calophyllum brasiliense Cambess Trees from Bajo Calima (Columbia), Julio Bermúdez Escovar*, Roger Hernández, Alexis Achim & Claudia Cáceres, Canada

  • Field Assessment of Downed Timber Strength Deterioration Rate and Wood Quality Using Acoustic Technologies, Munkaila Musah*, Javier Hernandez Diaz, Dana Mitchell, Mathew Smidt, Tom Gallagher, Maria S. Peresin & Brian Via, USA

  • Models for Predicting the Within-Tree Variation of Ultrasonic Velocity and Dynamic Modulus of Elasticity of Plantation Loblolly Pine, David Auty*, Joseph Dahlen, Thomas L. Eberhardt, Laurence Schimleck & Nawa Pokhrel, USA

  • Electric Resistance Tomograph: A NonDestructive Testing Approach to Valuation of High-Value Trees of India, Baragur Divakara*, S. Chaithra & C Balaji, India

11:30 AM


1:00 PM

Conference Tour

Bus departure from Renewable Materials Research Centre to Saint-Jean-port Joli

2:10 PM

Visit Art Massif Wood Structure

4:10 PM

Visit Ras-L'Bock Microbrewery - An Art Massif Realization

6:00 PM

Free Time

7:30 PM

Banquet at Louis Hebert Restaurant

French cuisine restaurant located on Grande-Allee Est in the heart of Old Quebec

10:00 PM

Depart to Laval University

Friday, May 27, 2022

8:00 AM

Registration Opens

8:30 AM

Mixed Sessions | Online

Moderator: Alexis Achim (Canada)

  • Relation of Ultrasonic Wave Velocity and Compression Strength of Artificially Decayed Wood, Kana Yamashita*, Hirofumi Ido, Yuko Ota & Toshihiro Yamada, Japan

  • Combining Nondestructive Testing Technology and Digital Twin for Preventive Conservation of Wooden Cultural Relics, Xueyi Ma, Jian Zhao*, Puxiang Wang, Yuankai Weng, Lihua Fei & Dong Zhao*, China

  • Influence of Moisture Content on Mechanical Properties and Damage Forms of Ancient Timber Members, Zhenbo Xin*, Houjiang Zhang, Dongfang Ke & Yongzhu Yu, China

  • Nondestructive Evaluation of the Concealed Wood Columns in Historic Buildings, Houjiang Zhang*, Zhenbo Xin, Yongzhu Yu, Dian Zhang & Hui Wang, China

  • Flexible Machine Strength Grading: Using Acoustic Nondestructive Testing of Green Sawn Timber to Calculate Grading Settings for Individual Batches of Spruce Sawn Timber, Andreas Weidenhiller* & Andreas Neumüller, Austria

  • Nondestructive Detection and Three-Dimensional Mapping of the Root System of an Ancient Camphor Tree Based on Ground-Penetrating Radar, Zhang Xiaowei, Wang Zepeng, Xue Fangxiu, Li Haibin, Li Shuang & Wen Jian*, China

10:00 AM

Coffee and Tea Break

10:15 AM

Mixed Sessions | Online

  • Nondestructive Timber Testing as a Tool to Detect Depletion of Carbon Storage in Stem of Aspen, Linda Čakša, Laura Ķēniņa, Nauris Siksna, Kristaps Ozoliņš, Ieva Jaunslaviete & Āris Jansons*, Latvia

  • Loading Resistance of Silver Birch (Betula pendula Roth.) and Eurasian Aspen (Populus tremula L.) in Urban and Peri-urban Forests, Oskars Krišāns, Linda Čakša, Roberts Matisons, Steffen Rus, Didzis Elferts, Andris Seipulis & Āris Jansons*, Latvia

  • Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Coupled with Chemometric Analysis as a Valuable Nondestructive Tool for Prediction of Carbon Content in Wood Samples, Iris Beatriz Vega Erramuspe*, Dana Mitchel, Jason Thompson, Thomas Elder & Brian Via, USA

  • Assessment of Incipient Decay on Wood Using Stress Wave Technique, Tamara Franca*, Brianna Duquette, Adam Senalik & Robert Ross, USA

11:00 AM

Technical Session #3: NDE for Urban Trees (Part A)

Moderators: Adam Senalik (USA) and Raquel Gonçalvez (Brazil)

  • Tree Risk Assessment: Systemic Approach Involving Nondestructive Techniques and Tree Biomechanics, Raquel Gonçalves*, Gustavo Garcia, Karen Freitas, Mariana Reis, Stella Palma, Camila Linhares & Monica Ruy, Brazil

  • Use of Tomographic Images to Support the Inference of Strength Loss in Trunk Using Equations from Literature, Mariana Nagle dos Reis, Raquel Gonçalves* & Camila Stephanie Fernandes Linhares, Brazil

  • Influence of the Manner of Obtaining Coordinates of Contour of Irregular Discs in Tomographic Images, Stella Stopa Assis Palma, Mariana Nagle dos Reis & Raquel Gonçalves*, Brazil

  • Adjustment of Ultrasonic Tomography Velocity Ranges to Represent the Variations within Tree Trunks Using Confusion Matrix Metrics, Stella Stopa Assis Palma, Mariana Nagle dos Reis & Raquel Gonçalves*, Brazil

12:00 PM


1:00 PM

Technical Session #3: NDE for Urban Trees (Part B)

  • Visual Tree Assessment and Static Integrated Assessment Do Not Allow Breaking Safety Evaluation of Defective Stems of Mature Urban Trees, Frank Rinn*, Germany

  • Biomechanical and Mathematical Basics of “Allometric Self-Referencing” for Evaluating Breaking Safety of Defective Stems of Mature Urban Trees, Frank Rinn*, Germany

  • Dynamic Tree Stability: Improved Testing Methodology and Indications of Reliability, Laszlo Bejo*, Imre Sumegi & Ferenc Divos, Hungary

  • Comparing the Stability of the Trees in Different Seasonal and Weather Conditions by Using Nondestructive Method, Ferenc Divos, Laszlo Bejo & Shadabeh Fathi*, Hungary

  • Identification of Wood Decay and Hollowness in Standing Tress using Electric Resistance Tomograph: A Nondestructive Testing Approach, Baragur Divakara*, S Chaithra & C Balaji, India


Technical Session #5: Advanced Grading Technologies for Solid Wood & Engineered Wood Products (Part A)

Moderator: Xinfeng Xie (USA)

  • Prediction of the Tensile Modulus of Elasticity from Longitudinal and Transverse Natural Frequencies in Hardwood Species, Gonzalo Moltini*, Gonzalo Cabrera & Vanesa Baño, Spain

  • Influence of Board Geometry to the Determination of Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Structural Lumber, Aleš Straže* & Luka Krajnc, Slovenia

3:00 PM

Coffee and Tea Break

3:15 PM

Technical Session #5: Advanced Grading Technologies for Solid Wood & Engineered Wood Products (Part B)

  • Strength Grading Softwood Structural Lumber with MoE Low Point, Jon Shanks*, Richard Schaffner, Geoff Boughton & James Szabadics, Australia 

  • Challenges and Opportunities Towards the Use of Northern Hardwood Species in Glued-Laminated Timber in Canada, Alexandre Morin-Bernard*, Alexis Achim & Pierre Blanchet, Canada

  • Local Modulus of Elasticity by Constrained Optimization, Friend K. Bechtel*, USA

  • Using Acoustic Tomography Techniques to Estimate Bonding Properties of Cross Laminated Timber, Frederico Jose Nistal França*, Christopher Adam Senalik, R. Daniel Seale, Robert J. Ross & Rubin Shmulsky, USA

4:15 PM

Closing Remarks

Saturday, May 28, 2022 - Optional Tour

Sightseeing Tour of Old Quebec from the perspective of wooden heritage guided by a historian and an architect specializing in heritage.

8:30 AM

Departure from Laval University by Bus

9:00 AM

Visit the Dufferin Terrance

Presentation of the history Quebec City and the historical site of the Terrace by D. Mendel

9:45 AM

Visit the Ursuline Chapel

10:40 AM

Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral

11:35 AM

Laval University School of Architecture

12:25 PM

Lunch at the Augustine's Monastery

1:30 PM

Visit of the Augustine's Monastery

2:45 PM

Visit of General HOspital

3:30 PM

Tour Ends

Register for the Old Quebec Sightseeing Tour HERE!

11:30 AM

Interior Courtyard of the Petit Séminaire de Québec